The Guidelines get chosen by Buyer and Vendor organizations of all sizes to easily monitor their ESG performance and the one of their Supply Chain, in a way that enhances both efficiency and compliance.

I am a Vendor


     Satisfy a requirement by Customers and by the industry, as a whole

      Increase the reputation of my Company, also to attract more talents

      Produce a Non-Financial Reporting – increasingly relevant for Banking system

      Find out how to improve my ESG Sustainability performance

      Differentiate from competition and achieve better positioning with my Customers

Register free-of-charge on SupplHi, the industry-shared platform  that has fully digitalized the elements described in the Guidelines.

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The Vendor – through an invite by a Buyer or through a pro-active registration – undertakes the Sustainability Questionnaire on the SupplHi industry-shared platform.


Self-Assessment ESG Score

ESG Scores are automatically calculated, as per the methodology of the Guidelines. A Buyer organization can constantly monitor the Supply Chain Sustainability performance of its Vendors.


ESG Assessment Visits

Most critical supply may require performing Assessment Visits to verify in person the most critical aspects on ESG Sustainability.


ESG Initiatives

Improvement Initiatives are automatically suggested as per the Guidelines recommendations and – once accepted – are constantly updated by the Vendor for tracking on platform.