ESG dimension, covering all needs
ESG-monitored indicators
ESG improvement initiative types

A collaborative solution to an industry-shared imperative

We are as ESG Sustainable as the last of our supplier is

ESG Sustainability in industrial B2B is a pass-through in a supply chain that can represent up to 80% of an organization’s revenues, while the financial system is increasingly driven by ESG criteria.

If we can’t measure it, we can’t improve it

Several ESG international standards and industry-neutral solutions are present, but not all sustainability issues matter equally to each industry. The same sustainability issue can manifest differently in the supply chain of industrial B2B and we need tracking of it.

Individual Supply Chain visibility is complex

Industrial Supply Chains are mainly characterized by the presence of SMEs, spread globally and with several layers of Sub-Vendors (system integrators, foundries, raw materials, …), requiring Supplier engagement to provide constantly updated ESG information.

By the industry,
for the industry


      Industry-specific, globally valid

      Independent and transparent

      Linked to the existing ESG standards

      Pragmatic and easy-to-use